Lifting the Rocks, Finding the Gold

AVAILABLE NOW — Lifting The Rocks, Finding The Gold, captures the six imperatives that world class credit issuers use to drive continuous, sustainable improvements. The six imperatives are strategy, engagement, customer relationship management, analytical, technology and performance.

Lifting The Rocks, Finding The Gold, addresses all phases of the credit life cycle with insights, experiences and examples from fifteen internationally recognized industry experts.

Finally, someone has codified what it takes to build a world class credit and collections organization. This book is a practical guide with demonstrated techniques to produce measurable results. Not only should this book be required reading for executives and managers with credit and collections responsibilities, it should be the first lesson in new hire training.
Ken Haderer

Senior Vice President, Aon Consulting

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With the ever-increasing pressures to increase revenues, reduce costs, improve customer experience and reduce customer turnover, managers across all industries from senior executives to operations supervisors will benefit from understanding world class receivables management. For example:

  • How do you grow revenues without increasing credit risk?
  • What portion of churn is involuntary through the collections process?
  • How do you retain delinquent customers in a competitive market?
  • How does the company ensure that its call centers — sales, service and collections — are talking to the right customers?
  • Which customer behaviors need to change to improve profitability?

Business managers with RM knowledge and insight will develop analytically based strategies and tactics to address these questions that can make or break the financial success of a business. For example, to answer the questions posed above, Lifting The Rocks, Finding The Gold, will provide insights to enable managers to develop strategies to answer questions like these:

  • With which potential customer segments should we do business?
  • What collection action should we take on this account and when?
  • What collection strategies can increase customer retention?
  • How can the cost to collect past due balances be reduced?
  • After write off, what actions are most productive?
  • When is the best time to engage a collection agency?
  • Which segment of the accounts receivable portfolio should be sold?

“This book is one of a kind. Stop trying all the quick fix approaches to reducing your receivables and read this book. Follow the Imperatives and watch the accounts receivable turnover improve.” Barbara Lettiere, former Treasurer, Bell Atlantic

Why you must buy this book?

  • Learn how the six imperatives can drive performance improvement.
  • Gain from the experiences of 15 internationally recognized industry experts
  • Learn industry proven strategies and techniques.
  • Expand your knowledge to every phase of the credit life cycle.
  • Foundational education resource for current staff and new hires.

“Grant and Dukes have done an excellent job in identifying the tried and true approaches, as well as the new, more sophisticated techniques to enhance portfolio management. The six imperatives provide an “all inclusive” spectrum on how to redefine and redesign modern day accounts receivables including links to key business processes.” Kent Erickson, IBM Client Services Executive, Lead Partner-Americas Group

Who should buy this book?


  • Understand how other credit issuers optimize top line revenue growth, increase margins and improve customer retention.
  • Learn the “tried and true” methods to improve cash flow and reduced financial credit risk levels in the account receivable portfolio.
  • Gain insights that transform call centers from cost centers to risk management profit centers with world class performance.

Middle Management

  • Apply process improvement examples and case studies.
  • Understand key linkages in the credit risk life cycle
  • Evaluate your KPIs against world class standards
  • Enhance your business case proposals to senior executives

Front Line Staff

  • Learn world class business practices impacting your job.
  • Increase your knowledge and opportunity for advancement.