Credit Risk Consulting

As credit risk management consultants, we solve problems of portfolio risk and reward. This includes: product planning, account acquisition, ongoing account management, collections, MIS and organization structure. The best way to begin is having us perform a situation analysis, where we verify the potential benefits and cost of improving the management of risk and reward.

Changes we recommend may include modifying product offering and solicitations, improving and streamlining credit organization, and/or credit line review and collection decisions. Usually improvements are based upon successful implementation of scoring, MIS and management education programs.

We then assist you with implementation of our recommendations to whatever degree is necessary to assure your success. We differ from vendors of credit management products and services in that, as independent problem solvers, we do not limit your options to a particular set of solutions.

Management Information Systems

All too often, our clients’ efforts to understand the dynamics of their portfolios are thwarted by a lack of information. Commonly, we hear clients say simply they cannot get the information they need out of their system, even though it is there waiting to be extracted. That is were we can help.

We begin by helping you define your MIS requirements. We then work with your internal MIS people to determine which of these requirements are best satisfied by them, and which are better satisfied by us. Typically, we are most helpful in situations where the needed MIS is statistical in nature, or where the internal MIS group is too backlogged to provide what is needed in a timely manner. This service has bridged an important gap for many of our clients.